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We've all heard the saying: "You're made of Stardust baby!" 

No, but really... You are! According to Ayurveda, everything in the Universe is constructed of the 5 Basic Elements. 

So that means you have a unique combination of the 5 elements innately in you. This elemental makeup tells so much about who you are!

Your tendencies: mentally, emotionally, physically. 

Think of Ayurveda as the oldest form of all these great and fun quizzes and tests we can take to see what our Myers Briggs Score is or our Enneagram. 

This system is ancient yet still relevant today. It literally translates to "The Science of Life"

We can use the foundational principals to help while making choices about which foods support our body best, which exercise is appropriate, daily rhythms, sleep hygiene, and emotional processing. 

Sound Interesting?


Let's Dive in! 

Let's Work Together

Please note: Our work together is not intended to diagnose or treat medical conditions.

I am not a Doctor or a Therapist.

Please always consult with your qualified physician and/or mental health professional before making changes to your diet and lifestyle.  
While our sessions may feel therapeutic, they are in no way a substitution for therapy.

Please seek appropriate help from qualified professionals. 

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