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Dreams are important messages from the Divine. They are gifts that help you heal, learn and grow. Dreams help you remember you are powerful, creative and magical! Dreams help you solve problems. They can even show you past events in history. And dreams allow you to travel anywhere you like when you sleep!
You have a dream guide that is sent from the Divine to help guide you while you dream. They are like a wonderful trusted friend. If you have a problem, you can ask your dream guide to help you solve it while you dream. Then, when you awaken, you will have the answers you need!

If you dream of something you don't like, talk about it so you can discover what your dream is telling you. Perhaps there is a lesson you need to learn or something that needs healing and love. If your dreams seem scary remember, you are very powerful and brave! Nothing can hurt you in your dreams. Your angels are always with you. The light from your heart always protects you. After all, you are Love! And love is the most powerful thing!

These cards are made just for children! Use them as a focus before bedtime or as pictures, story telling, meditation ideas--use your imagination!

Nighttime, Dreamtime: 45 Children's Affirmations

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