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6 Session Package

Sessions will average 60 minutes

This is your special time all about YOU! Please clear your schedule to be as distraction free as possible. Give a small cushion of time before and after our appointments. Secure the sitter, and soak up this time


(1)-Discovery Call (up to 90 minutes)

This session is all about you and we dive deep! We'll explore Physical, Mental, and Emotional Makeup. Habits, Tendencies, and Routines. Food Intake and More


(1)-Follow Up with Findings:  Etheric Signature, Clearing, and Embracing

A summary of our first call with a gameplan specified to you and your Etheric Signature (your elemental makeup) We'll go over everything in deep detail, cover some things that may not be serving, and Celebrate who it is that you are!


(4) Guidance with Check In (we'll see what is working and incorporate new practices) 

We'll continue to refine and introduce practices. 


*Payment Plans Available*

Send me an email at: and we can make payment arrangements. 

2 payments of $395

3 payments of $265

5 payments of $163


Schedule Example:

  • Week 1: Discovery & Findings Calls (2 Sessions)
  • Week 2: Settle in with New
  • Week 3: 1st Check In 
  • Week 4: Settle in with New
  • Week 5: 2nd Check In
  • Week 6: Settle In 
  • Week 7: 3rd Check In
  • Week 8: Settle In
  • Week 9: 4th Check In 


Love 360º You

  • Have you spent time wanting to fix, alter, change, remodel, revamp....

    ​Have you delayed personal growth goals until you reached _________(fill in the blank) maybe something financially, physically, geographically...etc....

    ​What if we took some time to reframe? 

    What if we used a new lens to look at ourselves & our life?

    Just like we go to the eye doctor to check our sight, it might be time to check on how we view ourselves. 

    Now let's pause here. We are human and our first instinct it to judge.

    We want to break things down, completely apart, to reorganize and fit into out boxes.

    But.. these boxes (containers) were shaped by our previous experiences. 

    One of my teachers says, "It's impossible to work on the mind with the mind. It's like sitting on the shore trying to blow a hurricane away with your breath." 

    ​We have to work with the subtle bodies. So I invite you to suspend this habitual process.

    I invite you to choose the lens of curiosity as we move forward. 

    When you hear something, instead of judging it: 

    -I've done this

    -That didn't work

    -I know a guy who's cousin did..... (fill in the blank) 

    Stop, Pause, Breathe, and ask yourself..... Could I try this? 

    Please note: Our work together is not intended to diagnose or treat medical conditions.

    I am not a Doctor or a Therapist.

    Please always consult with your qualified physician and/or mental health professional before making changes to your diet and lifestyle.  
    While our sessions may feel therapeutic, they are in no way a substitution for therapy.

    Please seek appropriate help from qualified professionals. 

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