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360 You with Noelle Swonsen

Just like we go to the eye doctor for our vision, maybe it's time for a check up on how we view ourselves. 

360 You with Noelle Swonsen
✨ Replacing the Lens of Judgement with the Lens of Wonder

✨Loving You, All of You

✨ Supporting Your Mind, Body, and Spirit with practices that support your Elemental Makeup
your Etheric Signature

✨ Rekindling Your Inner Glow
Both your Digestive Fire and your Inner Radiance

✨Remembering, You Are Not Broken, You are already Whole, Holy, and Worthy.

✨Re-awakening your true nature as spirit

✨ My purpose and aim is to share experience, strength, and hope.  
Encouraging you to do the same.
Standing in your authenticity, free from judgement of self + others. 
Noelle Swonsen

We're going to be using an Ayurvedic Approach to uncover the elements you were born with and how they have changed to their current state now. We dive deep on habits, lifestyle, eating, sleep and more. With this elemental makeup we can get a deeper glimpse at why you may tend towards anxiety, burnout (or blowup), or struggle to get going on that dream of yours.

(All of these things are normal expressions of the elements being out of balance)

Together we will discover your Etheric Signature and I will provide suggestions (based on the Ancient Science of Ayurveda, as well as my Mary Poppins bag of Spiritual Goodies) on how to refine the energy of each element so you can express your radiance. 

This process is all about removing what no longer serves, and remembering you are already whole, holy, and worthy.

I've worked with the coaches, mentors, and teachers...the good, the not so good, and the everything in-between.

I have been on my spiritual path for over 20 years. 

My vow and commitment to you is to treat you how I want to be treated.

With Love, Compassion, Encouragement, and Celebrating you.

All 360º of you.

This doesn't mean I am a Co-Signer Coach or Co-dependent.

No Enabling here 💗

It means together, we will dive deep, at times this work is not pretty, and it might be hard, but you got this!

It's time to take radical responsibility and radically love yourself right here and now.

We are rediscovering a solid foundation that already exists. You are not a never ending fixer-upper!

Ayurveda has danced in and out of my life for the last 20 years.

My first exposure to it was when my Dad (I’m blessed in my family constellation to have 3 Amazing Parents- I have 2 dads and a mom) used a combo of Western Medicine and Ayurveda when he was diagnosed with Lyme Disease. The Ayurvedic Practices helped support and sustain his body to be able to receive the help from the Western Medicine. Together, he was able to go into remission. 

In my late teens I would receive bodywork from a woman who would sprinkle Ayurveda into our sessions.

In my 20’s one of my Birth Doulas provided Ayurvedic Support through pregnancy and postpartum. Also in my 20’s I went through Yoga Teacher Training and my Teacher was heavily steeped in Ayurvedic Tradition. I held different Ayurvedic aspects as I navigated that phase of life as a new mama, yogini, co-owner of our family yoga studio, spiritual gift shop, and hairstylist.  (Anyone see some Pitta tendencies? That word will become more familiar as we work together!) 

Fast forward to the rattling global event that shifted all of our lives, then struggling with massive burn out, I looked to Ayurveda to reclaim some equilibrium back in my life. 

I decided to sign up and start school to become

an Ayurvedic Health Counselor, but that program was

6 months out from starting. 

Wanting a jump start, I decided to reach out 

to a previous Coach. However, this time around, our work together was more strained. Our sessions were awkward and difficult. (Not in a constructive growth way) I remember getting off of a call and telling my husband how frustrated I was, and that there was no way that I was going to hate myself healthy. This was not the Ayurveda my heart was yearning for.

Holding room for both faith and frustration I questioned what my journey was going to be like with school and even if I should do it. 

.....(Insert a long beautiful story for another time)......

I am here to tell you, this was expression of Ayurveda I had always been missing, and I want to share it with you 💗

6 Session Package

Sessions will average 60 minutes

This is your special time all about YOU! Please clear your schedule to be as distraction free as possible. Give a small cushion of time before and after our appointments. Secure the sitter, and soak up this time ✨

(1)-Discovery Call (up to 90 minutes)

This session is all about you and we dive deep! We'll explore Physical, Mental, and Emotional Makeup. Habits, Tendencies, and Routines. Food Intake and More

(1)-Follow Up with Findings:  Etheric Signature, Clearing, and Embracing

A summary of our first call with a gameplan specified to you and your Etheric Signature (your elemental makeup) We'll go over everything in deep detail, cover some things that may not be serving, and Celebrate who it is that you are!


(4) Guidance with Check In (we'll see what is working and incorporate new practices) 

We'll continue to refine and introduce practices. 


*Payment Plans Available*

Send me an email at: and we can make payment arrangements. 

2 payments of $395

3 payments of $265

5 payments of $163


Schedule Example:

Week 1: Discovery & Findings Calls (2 Sessions)

Week 2: Settle in with New

Week 3: 1st Check In 

Week 4: Settle in with New

Week 5: 2nd Check In

Week 6: Settle In 

Week 7: 3rd Check In

Week 8: Settle In

Week 9: 4th Check In 

Please note: Our work together is not intended to diagnose or treat medical conditions.

I am not a Doctor or a Therapist.

Please always consult with your qualified physician and/or mental health professional before making changes to your diet and lifestyle.  
While our sessions may feel therapeutic, they are in no way a substitution for therapy.

Please seek appropriate help from qualified professionals. 

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