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Buckle Up Babe✨

Updated: Mar 31

Ok, we are hearing ALL the things about Eclipse Season, Mercury Retrograde, and to buckle up. 

But… when we buckle up, we buckle for a lot of reasons, and one is fun! 

I’m holding the space for this that it’s going to be fun!

Like a ride at Disneyland ✨ 

Sure… those of you who are seasoned may say…

“Oh Honey….”

and I have a meme for that 😁


But hear me out… what if everything is falling into place?

What if this is preparing us for something beautiful? 

*cue music 🎶 this song pops in my head

So many beautiful lyrics in this song!

"I wouldn't stop until I found something beautiful"

A question one of my teachers asked us:

Are you going to let life harden you? Or let life melt you?

Are you going to close your heart? Or keep it open? Both are work.

Both hold different perspectives and will frame life and its experience.

So I invite you, in the midst of this influx of energy,

What if we surrender? 

What if we let go just a little more? 

Let go for the need for control. 

The need for managing things, the need for manipulating things.

What if we trust a little more?


What if this is an invitation to soften our hearts? 

What if this is an invitation to have a little more fun?

To be less ridged?

So I invite you to make a list, really.. go grab some paper

What are some things physically you can let go of?

Let's dig a bit deeper

What are some things that you can mentally let go of?

What are some things emotionally that you can let go of?

What are some things spiritually that you can let go of?

Sit with it

What would that look like?

What would that feel like? 

Take some time this week and give yourself the opportunity to envision it during meditation. Keep going, make that vision (that picture) so large that it becomes lifelike

and now step into it

It's yours darling! It always has been 💗

Sometimes we just need a little sign or reminder that comes from an unexpected source, and this is it 😉

As we walk into this season of unknown (well…let’s get real, everyday is unknown 😉) 

Let’s invite play,

let’s invite love,

let’s invite laughter,

let’s invite that childlike innocence to be at play. 

Strive for Everyday

May this season be as fun as Thunder Mountain, Matterhorn,

or *insert your fav ride* ✨

The Fam @ Disneyland 2022

Sending my love to you all, 


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