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The Doorway Into Thanks

Updated: May 13

Praying...Meditating...Daily Routine...

I think we overcomplicate things, it's so easy to get distracted.

With constant outside influences showing us aesthetically beautiful curated videos and posts. 

It's easy to feel our morning must consist of an elaborate and long routine.  

(and yes, don't get me wrong, that feels amazing sometimes!)

I don't know about you, I can only speak for myself, but there have been many mornings in the past that I hit snooze one too many times and didn't leave enough time to do "my whole routine" so I would skip ALL OF IT. 

Through the years I've learned to take a softer approach. 

Have you read the poem "Praying" by Mary Oliver? 

Is the Blue Iris a show stopper? Absolutely!

But we wouldn’t appreciate it if we saw it every day.

We’d take it for granted,

we would walk right past without a second thought because we expected it to be there.

It’s not appreciated in the same light if it’s everyday.

That’s the beauty of a daily practice, it’s constantly changing, because nothing is ever the same (sure it can feel like we get in a rut sometimes, but every day brings something new, if we are open enough to see it)

Look at kids and how in the moment they are. They embody pure presence, I really feel that’s what we are being called to be like as well. 

We do not need to have a showstopper morning to connect with God, Universe, The Divine. 

We just get to do it. 



In any way that feels right.

Formal or not. 

It's not complicated. 

We are the ones that complicate it. 

Your self care routine shouldn't cause you stress, if it does, it is counter productive. 


Be in the energy of astonished.

Even if your mediation is “only” sitting or standing outside and hearing the sounds, seeing the nature, watching life express itself. 

Nature is always showing us that the only constant is change. 

The Wind: Showing us subtlety and strength, and it's ok to change direction

The flowers: being present to witness the beauty

The Trees: be patient, some growth shows quickly and some takes consistency and time. 

The Ocean: gentle and strong, calm and chaos, soothing and stirring.

Dualities co existing, taking their turns.  

The Clouds: moving with grace, ever changing, and when too heavy able to release. 

The Stars: always there day or night, shining bright in the softness of night. 

The Sun and the Moon: harmony between the masculine and feminine. 

Every day, we have the chance to witness the harmonious elemental dance that brings our individual experience of human life. 

I think that’s a pretty profound way to spend a few minutes & get out of our monkey mind just long enough to realize, that our mind is CONSTANTLY telling us a story. 

The beautiful news is, you have the pen 💗

It's time to go write my dear.

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