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Stop Waiting on Balance

Yep... You read that right.

Stop waiting on balance.

It's a delay tactic.

(aka: Perfection Paralysis)

Just like busyness has been perceived as a badge of honor.

We have a skewed societal perception of balance.

Here's the thing, our attachment to the definition of the word balance is unrealistic.

We set all these expectations and conditions around it.

And frankly, we lean on it as an excuse often.

We hang up so many opportunities for action steps waiting for these conditional things to

"fall into place"

Here's how it usually goes:

When (fill in the blank)______


then I'll

(fill in the blank)________


It sure is to me!

I've been here many a time in many different situations.

Sometimes it's a daily check in

(and the beauty is there is GRACE, we are humans, having a human experience, and we will circle back on this many a time 😉 the awesome thing is, we deepen our level of awareness and can disrupt the pattern a little faster each time. We can interrupt our auto-pilot story)

If we look at nature, nature is never static.

Therefore Balance is never static.

Something is always adjusting.

Let's reframe with the word Harmony.

When something is in Harmony it still functions even if the "conditions" aren't perfect.

And... that action, that movement, usually helps to recalibrate to join in on the higher vibration.

Have you heard about or seen Cymatics?

It's beautiful! Here's one example (there are tons of beautiful ones over on YouTube with different mediums like water, sand, and oblek)

So when a frequency shift is happening, things "fall out of place" there was a pattern, and as the frequency rises, the particles start bouncing around more,

it gets a little hectic, a little chaotic, the pattern isn't clear, things are moving fast.

As the frequency continues to rise all of the sudden everything snaps into this new more complex beautiful harmonious pattern.

We are no different.

When things are turning up in life, it's really easy to want to drop into our comfort zone, to that familiar pattern. If we can stick with it, be present, and let things evolve and flow, soon we will find ourselves penetrating through to the next level and finding a beautiful harmonious expression.

I'll wrap up this week with an analogy that my Dad told me YEARS ago when I was weighing a bunch of different things

It stuck with me, and I hope it impacts you too 💗

Waiting on the perfect conditions

is like standing at the beach

with your shoes in your hands

waiting until the waves stop

to get into the water

It's never going to happen....

At some point

You have to make the decision

to get in the water.

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