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Spring Renewal

This one is for all my Northern Hemisphere Friends

The weather is shifting from cold and damp to SPRING

(see last weeks blog: Welcome Kapha Season) 

So is the temptation to do a massive overhaul… 

Spring Fever? Spring Cleaning? Spring Cleanse? 

Spring Renewal 💗

Nature is blossoming and so is our energy. 

So let’s take this momentum and direct it in a healthy constructive way. 

We are going to reframe a Spring Cleanse… in a Nourishing and Sustainable Way! 

Have you tried a cleanse? 

I’ve tried a ton, most are so short lived half assed (I’m keeping it real) random attempts that leave me feeling depleted. 

Tell me in the comments what your experiences have been

Here’s the thing… 

You can’t detox an entire decade in a day… or 3… or 10…

Be patient with yourself. 

The body is a historical system, we have to work on consistency to show it a new way. 

We have to nurture ourselves and depending on where things sit...potentially rebuild trust with ourselves!

We are committing to showing up, to feeling the feelings, to digesting life on every level.

This may be new or it may be familiar.

Either way, it is so important to pause here in this window, reflect, and do the work.

In this embodied practice we WILL experience more happiness, more radiance, and more bliss. 

This does not mean that we are spiritually bypassing by any means. It means we are living in the present moment and taking in this world with our 5 senses and digesting this thing we call human life.

This is more about setting yourself up for maintaining new habits not shaming your way into something new. 

This is focused on giving your digestive system a break to better assimilate food, thoughts, and feelings. 

Because we are sticking with something and ALL the feelings and things it could dredge up, we are practicing holding space for ourselves to feel the energy of the feeling and let it move. Because we know and trust, at the deepest level of our beings, that we are honoring our true selves. And by honoring our true nature as spirit we can and will experience bliss. 

I love using this visual when teaching: 

Imagine you’re making beans from scratch...

-You’ve rinsed and separated your beans. 

-Soaked your beans overnight

-You’ve prepared your water they are boiling

-25 minutes later you dump a cup of dried beans into the boiling water


Now the water isn’t boiling and nothing is going to cook evenly.

            **if you use a instant pot, pretend you manually released pressure and dumped more beans in 😉

****If you’ve never cooked beans… pretend you opened a can, warmed them up, then dumped dried beans in… 

You get the point 😅

This is what happens when we eat before our previous meal is digested,

OR when we take in excess through any of our sense organs. 

   Recap on what our sense organs are: 

Have you EVER paused to think about if you’re digesting 

What you Hear? 

How about what you Smell? 

What you Taste? 

What you See?

Or the sensations you feel on your skin?!

What got us here in the first place? 

Our sense organs are BOMBARDED daily 

Too much intake and not fully digesting and assimilating those things. 

So let's open up the conversation on some ways to tend to our mind, body, and spirit during this season.

If you’re interested in some Spring Renewal Practices, join

on me Wednesday March 27th at 6pm at Brigitte's Serenity Studio 

Sign Up Here:

Leave me a comment if you'd like to have a Spring Renewal Class online​ 

If being hard on yourself worked, it would have worked by now. 

Let’s try something new 💗

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