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Welcome Kapha Season

Whimsical Winter with trees in the distance. Sunlight glow warming up the frosted landscape

Welcome Kapha Season ✨

Today we are going to dive into the realm of Ayurveda and take a look at this season in the Northern Hemisphere* through the lens of an Ayurvedic Perspective.

Here is a quick overlook of what Ayurveda is, if this is a completely new word to you.

Maybe you've seen it online or heard it in a yoga class, but haven't heard much more.

Ayurveda originated in India and is one of the world's oldest whole-body healing systems.


Ok, back to Kapha Season...

What is KAPHA? 

Kapha is a sanskrit word from Ayurveda to describe a Dosha. 

Dosha = elemental combination

Kapha is an elemental combination of Earth and Water.

 This combination (earth & water) expresses qualities of: heavy, cold, dense, smooth, oily, stable

Kapha’s Harmonious Expression aka-when in balance :

Stable, Nurturing, Devoted

Kapha’s Stress Expression aka-when Energy Accumulates and becomes Stagnant :

Over-attachment, Lethargic, Depressive, Resentful

On a physiological level: Kapha is the force behind the lymphatic system & the mucus membranes

***this is why we are tending to Kapha now, we want those channels flowing and not to get stagnant in this season & beyond***

So what is Kapha Season? 

Kapha Season is late winter.

The cold and damp are starting to release both in nature and in our bodies.

The earth is warming up, the soil is moist, the rivers are starting to flow again.

And we are inherently connected to nature.

Our internal rivers: lymph + blood need the open channel to flow too.

This is prime time for staying mindful of what we are consuming. 





You are what you assimilate


You are what you do not eliminate

Anything that is not digested becomes what we refer to in Ayurveda as Ama.

Ama translates to Toxic Residue. (aka- a Metabolic Toxin)

When Ama builds up in the body (mentally and/or physically)

Digestion can become sluggish and we begin to experience discomfort

We can see a few examples of Ama in our body (I'll cover more in a future blog)

Here: Coating on the Tongue

Here: Irregular Elimination

Here: Excess Phlem or Mucous

Accumulation of Ama in the mind:

Are your thoughts heavy?

What can you release?

Here is a modified tool I use often,

Did I Cause it?

Can I Control It? 

Can I Change It? 

If the answers are no... that means: I Can’t, God Can, I'll hand it over to The Divine.

(sub in Universe, Higher Power, whatever you connect to that is larger than yourself) 

Try this reflection while meditating or journaling.

Center yourself, put the mind in neutral. Take responsibly for your part in the matter, clean your side of the street. Hand over the results to your Higher Power.

Accumulation of Ama in the Body:

Be Mindful of Overindulging in: 

-Heavy greasy foods. 

-Too much sleep 

(rest when you need, but stay accountable)

-Wanting too much cozy time

Break up that streaming marathon or reading for hours on end 😉

If my cat Harissa had it her way, we'd cuddle on the couch and read ALL DAY 🥰

Side Note: I'm on my 2nd read though of WORTHY by Jamie Kern Lima it's amazing! 1st time was on Audible while on my morning walks, this time the physical book because there is sooo much to highlight 🙌🏻

Here's a link if you're curious: WORTHY by Jamie Kern Lima

Simple Beginnings:

Something universal that mostly anyone can practice is to consume more fresh ginger. 

Sip warm water (or ginger tea) throughout the day

Reduce + Work towards Eliminating Iced Drinks

During this season of Late Winter,

Favor foods that are pungent, bitter, and astringent. 

Decrease foods that are: sweet, sour, salty.

Curious to know more about some Universal Foods for Late Winter? 

Checkout this brief list

Nature is budding with a sense of renewal

Let’s work towards aligning with that vibration 💕

Late Winter Action Plan on the Physical Plane 💫 Simple Steps

Thanks for stopping by and reading💗

Leave me a comment! 

Tell me if this was brand new to you? 

Was it slightly familiar? Did you know it all already? Did it spark some interest? 

Tell me, I want to hear 🙂

I’ll be sharing more spiritual sound bites here on the blog. 

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